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About Our Family

About us

For over a decade, Contented Puppies Paradise thrived in the serene outskirts of Dade City, Florida, providing a wholesome upbringing for our children amid a sea of delightful puppies. 

In our quest to continually offer top-notch care, we transitioned our base to McClure, PA in 2015, while a part of our canine family found a new home with my sister, Jan, in the picturesque heart of the Ozarks, in El Dorado Springs, Missouri.

Our combined families are committed to breeding some of the most exquisite Yorkshire Terriers and Morkies nationwide. Contented Puppies Paradise remains under our sole proprietorship, ensuring our hands-on approach in day-to-day operations remains intact.

Our dedication extends beyond just breeding. Our adult dogs flourish in optimal health, under the regular care of distinguished veterinarians who ensure they are at their healthiest. 

Our puppies, nurtured daily with love and play, mature confidently, awaiting homes that reflect the love they’ve known. We pride ourselves on nurturing what we believe are some of the world’s most beautiful puppies. 

For a glimpse into our past litters, our “Adopted Puppies” section provides a testament to our commitment.

Following strict guidelines set by both Missouri and Pennsylvania’s Departments of Agriculture, our puppies are a hallmark of health and happiness. Every puppy is vaccinated, vet-checked, and comes with a health certificate. 

Their diet consists of Life’s Abundance Dog Food, a premium grade, organic pet food known for its unparalleled quality, with no recalls. For an in-depth look at our health guarantee and this exceptional food, visit www.finefood4pups.com.

While our canines sometimes fit the show criteria, our true aim is to provide loving companions. We occasionally breed “teacup puppies” but consciously avoid promoting such breeding. For more on this stance, refer to our “Teacup Puppies” section.

We invite you to step into our world, enjoy a warm cup of coffee, and perhaps, discover a puppy that becomes your piece of paradise. Thank you for reading our story and for your interest in our puppies. 

Judy Leiva