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Our Reviews

Average Rating 5 out of 5 stars

We brought home our baby girl Ella and a year later we decided to bring home another pup & Bear has been another blessing! Contented puppies paradise are incredibly helpful and make the whole process easy. We live in Oregon so our pups were transported by a nanny & both times it came together so easy. Very nice people… Our little ones are the best little dogs I have ever been around. Thank you for our babies 🙂

Tami L Calkin

Contented Puppies is great. They worked closely with me to arrange for me to pick up Bandit. Wonderful breeder.


We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Benji has brought such joy to our home! I would highly recommend Contented Puppies and hope to bring home a buddy for Benji soon!


Love my baby so much he’s 3years now Ms. Tommie Ochi I love to have one more.


We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Lil Man! He is so spunky and cuddly I am unable to get my dailies done for holding him. Thank you!


Highly recommend her business. My sister in law and I have bought four puppies in total. They are very healthy and came with all needed vaccines and legal papers.

Raquel Falcon

I purchased a Yorker from contented puppies about 2 1/2 years ago for my wife. We just love this little girl she goes every where with us. She came to us very healthy and she was very easy to potty train. We took her out side every hour on the hour and spent the first 4 months in her kennel at night with we slept or if we had to leave the house. She knows her kennel as her safe place, so during storms she will often go into her kennel if not on our laps. She loves to ride on our Harley she has a dog box on the back of the bike, people just love to see her as we ride through town. She loves kids and will play with our grand kids for hours. She is one of the best dogs we have ever owned and we are so happy we purchased her from contented puppies. I never knew that such a small dog could be so smart but she is just that. If your looking for a Yorkie I would recommend contented puppies for your next healthy puppy. These dogs make the best pets and if you travel they are the perfect travel companions. RJM

Rex Myers

We are absolutely thrilled with our puppy Toby. He is the sweetest little guy. The owners and the pet nanny were wonderful and made sure all our questions and concerns were answered.

Jennifer Parish

We added Mikki, a beautiful Biewer Yorkie, to our family. He’s very well behaved, very healthy, and has a very sweet and unique personality. Purchasing him was easy and the breeder was very caring. She gave us a care package for Mikki and was very thorough in answering any questions we had. I highly recommend Contented Puppies Paradise to anyone who wants a new fur baby.

Rhonda Green

I purchased my baby Mitch 7 yrs ago this March. What a blessing ,I had just lost my dog after 18rs and did not want to ever experience like again. My friend found Contented Puppies on line, she order Max her puppy and I ordered Mitch the next week. As I said, what a blessing. He has been the perfect companion, most lovable and contented pet I have ever had. He goes with me everywhere, from restaurants etc. The Brewier’s are perfect pets.


Within a week of bringing my pup home I took her in for vet check up. My veterinarian said she was in perfect health! I highly recommend contented puppies.

Lori Woodall

Love our new little guy! Great experience! Would highly recommend to all searching for a sweet small addition to your family!

Christin Rensing

Contented Puppies were very accommodating. Always friendly and ready to answers any concerns you might have.i would recommend them to anyone. I am very happy with my puppy.

Diane Picerno

Approximately 31/2 years ago I was blessed with Biewer Yorkie from Contented Puppies. He is the love of my life! He is extremely smart and mild mannered and healthy. Obtaining Max was a seamless process and Judy is marvelous to work with. I strongly recommend Contented Puppies and the breed.


He is great except I can’t get him to stop peeing/pooping in the house. Any pointers or help? I’ve never had this hard of a time with dogs but I never had a small dog like this. Any help!???

Mandy Wilmot

Little dog is the love of my life!!!! I have always rescued animals from shelters and other agencies. I was very reluctant to purchase a puppy. We brought Gwen now (Bella Jai) home in November. She has been amazing, she is extremely smart and playful. She was so easy to potty train and it took about 6 weeks. She is a true joy. I do highly recommend Contented Puppies!


He’s the BEST PUPPY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

New York

Our little boy, now named Rizzo, after the Cubs World Series win is the most adorable little guy. He is so sweet & charming. Don’t know what we would do without him. He and our little Rossi get along great. Only wish one thing and that is I could afford another one. He is super healthy and still sleeps right next to me every night.

Marsha Albrecht

I appreciated the fast response I received from Judy. When I saw my Carly’s picture, I was ready to adopt. I chose to drive from Colorado tp pick her up. Everyone was accommodating to my requests, informative, helpful, professional and personable. Carly has been mine for over two weeks now. She is healthily, has adjusted to her new home very well and has a sweet and spunky personality. She is a smart little Yorkie. She plays well with her Morkie and Golden sisters. I am well satisfied and pleased with my puppy. I recommend Contended Puppies.

Connie Deskins

You are asking me now for a review, and I never provided one due to the bad experience that I had. My adorable Yorkie puppy arrived after a long flight and long stopover 🙁 Within 2 days he was extremely ill and vomiting and was rushed to the vet. He needed antibiotics and had a heart issue, amongst other concerns, and I was also told that he should not have been adopted so soon. I could not keep a sick pup, and didn’t want him on a plane again, so I drove to NY to meet the owner to bring him back to PA. I know that my getting him to the vet and getting medication saved his life. It was horrible. My purchase price, and the $400 vet bill, were refunded to me. You have the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen, and I’m so sad and so worried about buying another.

I am deeply sorry that your experience with us was a negative one. We do our utmost to provide only the healthiest puppies on the planet. Please know your experience was the exception, not the norm. We are providing real live animals and in spite of being vet checked, vaccinated and using the highest standard of breeding we know, we do at times have a puppy that is not healthy. Sometimes it is not until they go through a stressful situation, like moving to a new home, that we discover the puppy had/has a problem. We will always, always stand behind our puppies and as you know, we gave you a full refund including the vet bills. I know there is no way to compensate for the pain and sadness of not having your puppy and for that I am truly sorry. Please feel free to contact me if there are any other questions you have.

Owner’s Response


I love my fog Pixie I got from you.I want a male this time.

Gwendolyn Faye Cherry

This is my second puppy bought from this breeder. They are wonderful to deal with and the puppies are the best. Wouldn’t buy a puppy from anyone else. They genuinely care and check in with you periodically.

Stephen Filingeri

We have had our Biewer Yorkie for 2 years now. He is a beautiful, well mannered dog. Very obedient and has tons of energy. Our dog has had zero medical issues from the day we bought him. My sister bought a Morkie from here as well and couldn’t be more happier. I would highly recommend buying from this breeder and I intend to buy another in the future.

Robert Sittler

My family had an excellent experience. Our girl is now 7 months old and perfect.


We loved our Mia the Morkie so much from Contented Puppies that Chico another Morkie joined our family 2 months ago. They are the most loving pups and I know it starts with the love that they are given by Judy and the family. The quality of pups and the care is superior thanks for being so wonderful!


Awesome experience!!

Steven Lucas

We are extremely happy with our fur baby and and could definitely tell she had had a lot of human interaction! I have already recommended Contented Puppies Paradise to a couple people and would love to purchase another puppy when the tie is right for us.


Great job very pleased.

Erick Hutzler

Lillie Boo, aka Izzy, is wonderful! So easy to deal with Contented Puppies. All went as they explained and she arrived happy and well cared for. She is such a wonderful, energetic puppy and would get another if husband would let me!


We couldn’t be happier with our little Yorkie Coton that we purchased from Contented Puppies Paradise. She was extremely healthy and had obviously been shown great love because of her engaging personality and social skills. She is absolutely adorable and adored in our home. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them when looking for a new family member.

Jane Brewer

Our family (3 extended) has purchased 5 fur babies from this breeder. And all have been a fantastic experience. We will be back for another soon, I’m sure. These (morkies)are the sweetest dogs ever, two of them are actually therapy dogs. I would recommend Contented Puppies to anyone searching for their next family pet. Judy has made every experience a wonderful one, from beginning to end, and is always available if needed.

Roberta Kolb

I wrote a great review the first time you sent this request. Please find it; it’s really good! We absolutely love our dog!!!

Nancy Fishman

Our experience with Contented Puppy Paradise exceeded all our expectations…. This is honest, transparent and serious people, they clearly tell you what to expect from your puppy when he grows. They were extremely careful selecting the pet-nanny and they ensure your waiting time is short and keep you informed during the process. Our puppy is now 6 months old and is healthy, energetic and everything they say he would be. We truly recommend you getting your next puppy with this breeder!!

Zorina Rosales

Bentley, formally know as Ferb is the apple of my eye. I absolutely adore my little companion who never leaves my side. Purchasing a fur baby on line was a scary thought until I talked with Judy. I could immediately tell that she was all I had wanted in a breeder. Bentley is a Biewer Yorkie . He has a fun personality, loves me and is everything I could want in a dog. Oops, he doesn’t know he is a dog. His markings are show quality and will start training school soon. By the way, he is very smart and loves to learn. Thank you, Judy for your attention to raising the best pup in the world.

Janinne Riggs

I bought my Morkie from Contented Puppies Paradise , she is the best little girl and full of fun. She is also very cuddly and affectionate. The first time I took her to the Vet everyone had to hold her including the Vet for love and cuddles. After her exam the Vet looked at me and said you got a good one. Judy was very helpful and I would definitely buy another puppy from her and I recommend Judy highly.

Susan Alsip

We are SO SO in love with our guy. He is so sweet and mild mannered. We have had him for a year and was easily trained, smart and such a love. I would recommend Contented Puppies to EVERYONE!!!

Jennifer Jones

Everything worked as planned. The puppy is exceptional. We are very happy and he is already part of the family. Thanks

Norberto Spangaro

We are so happy to have received our new member of the family Missy (Now Cocoa). She is sweet, cute, smart, healthy and perfect. Just as we had hoped. Judy and Jan were so easy to work with. Always kept us updated with pics, videos and much more detail as we requested. The process to deliver by Bryan -Flight Nanny was flawless. I will recommend to everyone. Thank you for the great experience! Forever Grateful. Luv, The Check Family.

Check Family - Michigan

It’s been 3 yrs now that we brought our sweet puppy home and we are still thrilled to have her. I totally recommend contented puppies

Karry Watson

We purchased our Tinker Belle in February! She is the liveliest, cutest, smartest little Biewer there ever was! She was so socialized and happy when we picked her up in Missouri! On Cinco de Mayo, she will be 6 months old. We are so lucky! Spring Branch, Texas 2020


Another Sweet little one!

Purchased second puppy from Judy and Jan that my daughter and her family selected. She is absolutely precious! Couldn’t be happier with the attention and care these wee ones obviously receive from the breeder. Our own little guy is turning one in January, he has been a delightful addition to our household! We felt very secure dealing with Contented Puppies Paradise!! Thanks again!!

Christin Rensing

One of the BEST! I absolutely recommend Contented Puppies Paradise! My puppy is the most loving, well tempered, beautiful and adoring puppy. We love him so much! From the moment I requested to purchase him and the day he arrived was easy and pleasant. The transaction was professional and precise. Thank you for all you do!

Sonnia P Whitmer

Viktor came to us in September 2017. He’s been a wonderful addition to our family. He has the best personality and everyone just loves him. I tell people all the time…. if you want an amazing puppy contact the great people at Contented Puppies!

Christine Yoder

We bought a Morkie who has the best personality and temperament !!! We absolutely love him !!!

Dana Fetters

So kind to work with. And well adjusted puppy we got. Sweet little Reggie!

Deanna Dent

I would and will buy all my puppies from C P P!! They are very helpful, knowledgeable and I believe They-love what they do! I just purchased my second little bundle of love from her may of this year . I was not disappointed even though I got her without seeing her in person. Judy has a beautiful family and you never need worry about how well she treats her animals!!!!

Linda Abrams

We love our beautiful Yorkies. They are 2 and 3 years old and have been in great health. I still have not received the paper work on our second puppy but don’t think we need it. The Breeder was exceptional at answering my many questions regarding care and health of our puppies. She helped me find the perfect match for our first puppy as well.. we have recommended this Breeder to many people.

Constance Depowski

I adopted Ricky 2 months ago. He was 4 months old. He is so smart. Already rings the bell to go potty outside. He is so loving and sweet. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a yorkie to check into contented puppies . You will not be sorry. Any questions are answered by Judy immediately. You are never alone when you have this much support from the breeders.. I am thinking of adopting another pup!

Toni Wicks

Hello I love Judy and Her puppies , I purchased my first puppy in 2021 and we love her Soo much and I purchased my second one a boy in March . Judy is great and Soo kind and will answer any questions you might have . Her puppies are Soo cute and Healthy .

Melanie Simpson

I purchased an adorable Yorkie-Ton from here. I was very skeptical getting a dog online. The owner was wonderful to work with me, sending me time stamped pictures of the two puppies I was considering, understanding my skepticism. When it came time to bring my puppy home, we had to fly her. The owner was very helpful in arranging a flight that met my time restraints! My family was so impressed with the experience, my brother purchased his dog here as well. I would definitely recommend them!

Ashley Grogan

I have a Morkie and a Yorkie from Contented Puppies. All I can say is that I’m in love with my girls! Contented Puppies was SO easy to work with and when I visited their home in Missouri, I could tell that these sweet babies were well taken care of and loved on.


Olive is now 7 months old. She is a gem, in excellent health, with a charming, playful personality!

Jane Daniels

Love my little fur baby from Contented Puppies!! I spoke to Judy at length before getting my baby she was absolutely the best answered all of my questions. I had my puppy with a flight nanny that Judy arranged and they were outstanding! I got updates along the way and pictures. My puppy arrived in perfect health! She is absolutely beautiful , loving sweet girl! Im so lucky to have a Contented Puppies puppy they are simple the best!!!

Mary Drab

We love our Morkie❤️❤️

Karen Kalous

We’ve bought 3 beautiful and sweetest babies through contented puppies paradise Judy and Jan are the nicest and so professional. They know how to breed the cutest puppies and they are a Legitimate and honest breeder which is hard to find so if you’re looking for a good breeder contented puppies paradise is the best

Thomas Webster

Thank you Judith you made the process seamless The flight Nanny was awesome she kept us informed thru the whole trip. Nikki aka JewelI s is a gem . She was 5 months when she came to us and was and still so well adjusted She’s as smart as a whip and was potty trained so quickly She loves to learn and please us and boy can she play ball and soccer to funny she’ll go for a hour she’s 10 months old today and I think k she’s done growing 3 pounds!! Oh and she loves to be groomed and have her teeth brushed when I bring her carry bags out she hops in turns around and ready to go anywhere What joy she has brought our whole family and friends everyone offers to care for her or welcome her to their home Thank you Ron and Heidi Nippe Naples Florida

Heidi Nippe

I absolutely loved Contented Puppies and would buy another puppy from them in a heartbeat! I have never seen such superior customer service before. My puppy was everything they said he would be when he arrived in Philadelphia. He was clean, he smelled delicious and I had no complaints from the beginning to end!!! They are awesome people! Thank you for everything, Judith!!!!!!

Karen J. Caldwell

It’s been over one year now and Casper has been everything I could have dreamed of. Exceptionally smart and a character. It all starts from the breeder and I will vouch nobody is better

Andrew Burnstien

I bought a puppy from Contented Puppies in March, Wuff now Hank. And I couldn’t be happier! This little fella has the best exuberant personality. I think the early socialization made him people loving and friendly. He is the most healthy happy handsome fella! I get compliments that he looks like he could be a show dog. I would not hesitate to use Contented Puppies for a puppy again!

Dawn Medina

Love my morkie so, so much. Renamed him Olly just because. The transaction was seamless and the transporter who flew him from Missouri to Atlanta was phenomenal. In looking for a puppy, I discovered there are a lot of scams and shady breeders out there, but I trusted Contented Puppies from the first contact and I wasn’t disappointed.

Donna O Bennett

Odin has been the best. No health issues at all. He just turned 4 the end of January. I couldn’t be happier. The whole experience was great right from the start.

Susan Randone

We are so thrilled with our puppy and are so pleased with her great health and socialization. The process of choosing her and getting her out to California was so comforting and reassuring. She’s exactly what we were told she would be, physically and in temperament. I sincerely recommend this reputable, legitimate, and caring breeder to anyone searching for a quality Morkie.!

Cindy Brodie

Contented Puppies is amazing! I highly recommend getting a puppy from them! They were very caring and helpful with the purchasing and delivery of our new baby!! He is everything they said he would be!

RI Review
Rhode Island

We got our Millie about 10 months ago she so precious we can’t even express it. Everything at contented puppies went exactly as they said. I loved that you were able to go see her to buy, but because they had sold another dog in our area she was flown here with caregiver. i was little nervous but it went perfect. I have given their about 50 times because of when i take her out people go crazy because she is such a cutie! i love these people for the gift of love we got!!!

Karen Hudson

We absolutely love our puppy! She is adorable and has the best personality!! Contented Puppies was in contact with us the entire time we had to ship her and answered all of our questions. They were very easy to reach on the phone! I would definitely recommend them!

Amber Bonderman

We purchased a Morkie, Reggie, right before Christmas. He is the most lovable little dog. He has won the hearts of so many people. I’m so thankful that I came across Contented Puppies when searching for our puppy. We have certainly lost our heart to him.

Darlene Areno

I am extremely happy w my experience getting my new puppy through Contented Puppies Paradisr! My little Princess Wispy Rose arrived in excellent condition. She’s loads of fun and very smart. She’s training to be a therapy puppy

Janie Leiker

Purchased a Male Yorkie and the transaction went smooth. Had the puppy flown in to local airport to be picked up. The transporter was friendly and provided crucial info. Great Job Judy and staff…..

Gary Winter review
Gary N Winter

Really great experience start to finish. We ended up getting 2 puppies at the same time. Their health has been great and we love them dearly. When we need more, we’ll be coming back.

Jonathan Moss

We live in California and it seemed crazy to adopt a puppy from Missouri, but the puppies were so superior we decided have one delivered to us. Greta (now called Gracie) with a flight attendant headed our way and arrived perfectly. The next day our vet examined her and said she was in excellent health and had been well bred. He complimented the breeders. Gracie is literally the best dog we have ever had! She is so sweet and cuddly and eager to learn. At 5 months she has learned to communicate her needs. She is super friendly to people and other animals. She’s a big dog in a little body, unphased by new experiences and challenges. She is exactly the size and personality we were told she would be. We highly highly highly recommend this breeder and thank them for responsible breeding. We were also impressed with the ways they conduct business. We felt completely confident conveying funds and making plans to receive our pup. Nancy Fishman Morgan Hill, CA


We feel we’ve won the lottery! Sammy has a BIG personality and stunning markings. When we encounter people and pets on our daily walks, everyone remarks that he is such a happy and cute pup. His transition into our home was seamless and he has brought us immense joy!

Arizona review

We picked up our pup end of July 2019 from Judith and her family. We were greeted warmly and our happy little tail-wagging puppy was excited and happy to meet us. He is now a lively 10 month old full of curiosity. I am constantly amazed at how he greets all people, especially children, and other dogs and cats with friendly enthusiasm. He is delightful to have as part of our family. He is already house-trained, learning proper behavior and a few tricks as well. He is very smart, always happy and has a wonderful disposition. Also, I LOVE the food Judith recommended. I now feed my cat Life’s Abundance food. He had dry itchy skin and allergies with hair ball issues. A few weeks after switching his food to Life’s Abundance cat food all those issues disappeared. And both cat and dog love their meals. No finicky pets here! I whole-heartedly recommend both Contented Puppies Paradise and Life’s Abundance.

Janet Donovan

I’ve had my little fur baby for almost 2yrs now. My interaction with Contented Puppies was excellent. Very kind helpful people. My little man has been a true joy.

Kim Johnson


Andrew Harris

We absolutely love our Biewer Yorkie Elizabeth. We had a wonderful experience when we went to pick her up. The family was so gracious and invited us into their home. Thank you Contented Puppies Paradise for blessing us with our baby.


Every step of the process was easy! We love our Morkie puppy! Thank you, Contented Puppies Paradise!

Lydia Kiser

Love the dog, she was expensive but worth every penny.

Robert Sweet

We absolutely love our puppy, Owen. He’s been with us for two years and is a wonderful addition to our family. He’s been super healthy and our vet loves him to pieces!

Lindsay Francis

Contented Puppies is a five star breeder. Judy and Jan are professional and knowledgeable. They truly care about their puppies and the parents.


I love my Rosie!! She is a year old now (Feb 10) and such a lover! I love how she cuddles with me. I have been addicted to Yorkies for about 30 years now and she is one of the best I’ve owned! She is a good quality Yorkie! I am a groomer and a Yorkie Breeder myself, she is one of 4 Yorkies we have. She is good natured and healthy! I have nothing but good things to say about this Breeder. They gave me pictures of both parents and communicated well with me.👍😁

Jane Fiske

This has been the best experience of my life. I was looking for a Small puppy. Went on Contented Puppy Paradise website and fell in love with one of the available puppies . As soon as I saw her I fell in love. My life has changed so much. Angel is just what I needed. She is Beautiful, loving and brings me such joy. I recommend Contented Puppy Paradise to everyone who needs a snuggly loving puppy.



Woodrow W. Sullivan, III

I have a Morkie and a Yorkie from Contented Puppies. All I can say is that I’m in love with my girls! Contented Puppies was SO easy to work with and when I visited their home in Missouri, I could tell that these sweet babies were well taken care of and loved on.

Dawn Smith

We love our little Bella! We got her on Friday and fell in love immediately with her sweet little personality! Judy was so helpful with everything and the delivery process was seamless!

Kristie Bridges

I have two doggies from Contented Puppies Paradise. I purchased my first puppy in 2014 and after 2 years decided he needed a playmate, and of course, reached back out to Contented puppies. The dogs are amazing. I walk them in Central Park everyday and everyone stops to adore them. They have huge personalities, love children, are super friendly and, of course, beautiful. I highly recommend Contented Puppies!

Lara Thomas

I have bought two Morkies from Judy at Contented Puppies! They both have two very different personalities, but we love both of them so much. We do not call them the dogs, 😳, everyone knows them as “our boys”! They are three years apart and get along well. They were so easy to house train, although Charlie, which is our “fun loving, carefree one, does wear a belly band because sometimes he will get a little too excited and dribble. I’m so happy that I happened upon Contented Puppies Paradise, because my puppies were so great when I got them and fit into our family so well!

Darlene Areno

We got are puppie from here and judy is the owner she is just a great person to work with his name is galaxy and he is the best dog he is know a little over a year old and we all just love him and judy she is the best of the best to realy see things threw for you to get your new puppie

David Hall

Our Biewer MagPie is almost 5 Years old and is a wonderful dog..also the whole experience from beginning until we received her was an excellent experience…it also was the first time we had to have a puppy shipped to us..we were a little consernd but was reassured all would be fine and it was..we tottaly recamend and do a lot Contented Puppies Paradise for their dogs and service…


We love out Nala! She is a beautiful, healthy pup. Would definitely recommend Contented Puppies to anyone considering buying a puppy.

Andy Hogg

Best pet decision my wife and I ever made; although the transaction was all over the phone and online, the service was excellent, not to mention how delighted we are with how our dog has worked out. She is absolutely adorable; we’ve had dogs all of our lives but Lola (Betty when still with the breeder) is so unique, she does things none of our dogs ever did and she is as loving and as loyal as a dog can be. She is super smart, very trainable, and so far has been very healthy. She is two years young now, we received her when she was about 5 months. We are so delighted with Lola we’re already looking forward to getting another from Contented Puppies. Thank you so much for enriching our loves! You’ll hear from us a again.

Richard Diaz Diaz

So glad we were recommended to Contended Puppies ! When we took our fur baby to our veterinarian for his first check up right after we got him, the vet said he is a beautiful Morkie, has a great physique and obviously came from a good breeder. Martini is now 1 year old and is smart, loving, has a wonderful disposition and brings us much joy ! Breeder delivered Martini to us in Florida and all went very well. Do not hesitate to get your fur baby from Contended Puppies !


I have adopted 2 dogs from you and they are both amazing. Couldn’t love them anymore. They are healthy and happy and the whole process was so easy!! Thank you

Sherri Normandy

We have 2 puppies from Contented puppies paradise. This has been the absolute best experience. Both of our little guys have been well taken care of prior to coming home to us. They were flown via pet nanny for a very reasonable fee. They are the absolute sweetest little boys. Thank you Contented Puppies for our little babies.


Our puppies Zoe and Blaze are Contented Puppies. They are smart, healthy, inquisitive and gorgeous little babies and bring us joy every day. The team at Contented Puppies made sure both pups were ready before we were able to pick them up. We flew to MO and had the best experience. While we waited for them to be ready, the Contented Puppies team sent us photos and videos of them. We are so happy and highly recommend them!!!


Our little Rosie is the light of our life. She is bright, spunky and very healthy. She is totally adorable and added more love and Huggies then I could have ever imagined. Bath thing we ever did was trust Contented Puppies to help us find the best puppy ever.


We have just welcomed our 3rd puppy from Judy. This is our third puppy in the last 3 years. She has been absolutely outstanding from delivery (1 by plane and 2 by car), supporting us with any concerns related to the health of our puppies, quickly responsive to our queries and absolutely guaranteeing our complete satisfaction including returns and refunds. We highly recommend Contented Puppies Paradise as a responsible and trustworthy breeder who takes care of their precious puppies and their clients. We will not hesitate to contact Judy again when we are looking to expand our family once more.

Connie From Erie, PA

Very easy to work with. Met Mae for pick up on time. Sweetest little puppy. Very healthy other than a little carsickness. Very playful and adorable


Thank you for checking on Elvis, he is wonderful. He is almost 3 years old and 9+ pounds. He is healthy and has had no health issues so far. He is exactly what our family needed and is quite a blessing from you and God. I suffered from empty nest syndrome whenever we got him and he truly rescued me! He loves the ride the motorcycle with us and we take him everywhere possible with us. Thank you again for checking on him and for bringing us such joy with our Elvis.

Cshawn Smith

We purchased 2 beautiful puppies from Contented Puppies Paradise in 2017..Rocco (formerly Jet ) is a sweet, very energetic Yorkie. Sissy (formerly Slippers) is a beautiful Maltese. They both love to love. Both are very healthy. We would definitely recommend this breeder to everyone. Don and Beverly Smith

Beverly Smith

We had a great experience with purchasing & transporting our puppies by air. We got our Morkie’s a year & a half apart & we couldn’t be happier. They’re both healthy & as sweet as sugar. We can’t imagine our lives without Milo & Jaxx! We highly recommend Contented Puppies Paradise 🐶♥️ Thank you Judith!

Stefanie Sondag

I cannot say enough good response with how you have brought so much joy into our lives!! We have been married over 50 years and always had at least two fur babies. The two that we got from you are incredible! They are so loving and playful. Even though they are 3 months apart, you would think they came from the same litter. They cuddle to each other when it comes time to sleep. This is the first time we have purchased from a breeder and now I see why there is so much difference. It is obvious you play with them and that they were not put in kennels. Their love is undying and just a joy. THANK YOU!!


We love our puppies so much they all brighten our day and are a joy to love and live with precious and playfull a miracle to us !!!

Wendy Phillips

Healthy, Clean, knowledgeable and Kind owners

We love our new Baby, we name her Frisky, she loves to play. And she has so much love.
We are so thankful have a healthy puppies. Our vet was impressed how healthy she is being so little. She was impressed with her legs has no problems and her whole in her skull is all closed up. It’s worth every money you pay to have such good healthy loving Puppys.

Vic & Sharon Peterson

I was very nervous about ordering a dog online. Judy and Jan made us feel so comfortable and answered all our questions. We met our little guy on FaceTime and within 1 week our puppy was delivered by the sweetest pet nanny who kept us informed throughout the flight. I highly recommend this breeder. We couldn’t be any happier!

Colleen Iglesias

So lovable, lots kisses, smartest little girl

We are so happy with Frisky’s progress, she is so much fun. We get stopped while walking, they want to know what breed she is. Ask where we got her. A couple today waited to see what was in my stroller, and then he said it was worth the wait. Asked many questions. Told me his wife had been asking for a dog. Frisky is a winner. Thanks to you, for the way you take such good care of your dogs.

Thanks for all your instructions

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Victor & Sharon Peterson

We purchased a morkie named Greta she was approximately 10-12 weeks old when I traveled to pick her up… I would/will purchase another one from this breeder as they are already so loved. This little girl travels with us everywhere, whether it is in the car across the country or on a boat traveling the Great Lakes. Greta is our canine fur baby that is spoiled rotten.. My husband and I highly recommend this breeder. Once you make a purchase you will not be sorry.. Sincerely, Dan & Lorri

Lorri Cheresh

Great breeder and I got a great dog!

Brian K. Brumfield

Amber has an under bite and a possible knee issue that as she gets older could need surgery that was not disclosed before payment.


Hi Janet. I am so sorry about the underbite. There is simply no excuse for that being missed. We try to make sure we check every puppy for any defect at all and have always been very upfront about anything that is not perfect about our puppies. We also have our vets that carefully check each puppy. You can know for sure that it was never intentional and I am not sure how that got missed by us and our vet. There is no excuse for that and I am so sorry it happened. Please feel free to reach out to me and I will make it right. About the knee issue, I’m not sure what you mean as far as a possible surgery needed in the future. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you. We do our very best to be honest and give full disclosure about anything we know could be wrong with our puppies and I am sorry you are disappointed. We are here to make it right so please give me a call.

Owner’s Response

Janet Lang

From the moment our Boomer joined our lives he has brought so much joy. Not only to us humans but to his older Aussi sister. So grateful for him. Thank you.

Diane Stanley

I love my puppy!!! We have a happy, healthy and adorable puppy!! Thanks to Judy and Contended Puppies! Thanks for our TONY!

Joanne Certo

We purchased our little baby Augie, three weeks ago. This was the first time I ever purchased from a breeder and it was a wonderful experience. Judy is so professional and kind, I have recommended CPP to everyone. You won’t go wrong getting a puppy from them and your new family member will be worth every dime.

Jillian Brandt

We got our morkie from contented puppies 3 years ago. He has brought so much love and joy to our home and our family. He is sooo sweet and caring and such a happy little guy. The service was amazing. He couldn’t have come from a better home. We are ready to add to our family again and I don’t know if we would trust anyone else!! Thank you contented puppies. We are so in love with Chuey!


We adopted Lily Boo aka Izzy early March. She is a joy and we love her do!!!

Diane Larsen

I purchased Landon aka Max from Contented Puppies Paradise in August and have been extremely pleased with our little fur baby! I was a little nervous purchasing a pup from a breeder such a long distance from Texas but would do it again! CP was very easy to work with and responded after purchase with any questions I had. Max has definitely fit right in with our family and knows it! I highly recommend CP.

Jana Clark

Absolutely the best puppy experience. Contented Puppies was thoughtful and so helpful with our new addition. We had an amazing experience and we will go back again when it is time to add another puppy to the family! Our little Morkie, Koda, is fabulously happy and healthy pup. This was by far the best puppy experience we have ever had. Thank you so much for your compassion and thoughtfulness and help in finding us the best puppy for our family. We LOVE our little Morkie Koda!

Becky Main

My Wife and I could not be Happier. Fantastic service & communication front to back and “Peanut” has turned out to be one of our MOST BELOVED additions to our family in the last 30 years. He is the Most Adorable, Silly, Energetic, Smart & Fiery little family member we have ever had. Peanut adores & loves his Momma & is constantly making all of us Laugh. Mindy & I have both said Biewer Yorkies will be the only Breed of Dogs in our family until the day we are no longer here. “Peanut” is so Adorable that he even became Mr. April for the Arkansas Pet Calendar this Year 🤗

Brandon Rook review
Brandon Rooks

I’m sorry I can only give you 5 stars because you deserve 10! Both my babies are super, super lovable and even though they are 3 months apart, they way they play and all you think they were from the same litter. We have never in all your 50 years of marriage had such warm, loving puppies before like these two. I have had poodles, maltese/lasa and shitz/maltese plus one other yorkie from another breeder. When we had to put our yorkie over the bridge we decided to get another yorkie because how dedicated they are. Again, my other yorkie I miss and loved dearly but she was nothing like the ones we have now. Patches and Peaches can not give enough kisses and love. They cuddle in bed and get upset when we leave to go grocery shopping. They are the apple of our eyes. Thank You Again!!

Donna Negrich

I got my most precious fur baby from Contended puppies Paradise 2 years ago and if ever my husband agrees for me to get another it will only be from them again!

Mitzi Ferranti

The puppy we got was so well taken care of and it’s the best edition to our family. Thank you contented puppy! I would absolutely buy another. One from you in the future.

Dawn Giese

Contented puppies has been great both times we purchased our puppies. I have seen their home & met them in person & they are absolutely wonderful! I have full confidence in CP as a breeder and as terrific people!! I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another puppy from them & I would highly recommend them!!

Michelle Bauer

I don’t know what I would do without my, Julia from you! She is perfect! I will be doing business with you only!!! Thank you, Roxanne

Roxanne Toenniessen

Our Bella is the sweetest girl. She is 15 mo old now and could not ask for a more beautiful, sweet and fun dog. Thanks to Judy and Contented Puppies Paradise, we have a wonderful Biewer Yorkie.

Colleen S Vitolo

I got my baby a few months ago after tragically losing my baby. I was very happy with not only the service provided but my new baby. She was well socialized and already doing so well with potty training. It’s obvious they care about and for the puppy’s until they go to their forever home.

Erika Williams

We had a great experience. All our questions were answered, very friendly… our puppy was true to size and description of personality. No issues with flying him to us.

Michelle Kullman

I was very happy with the process of receiving my little Louie! Judy was great to keep in touch and send pics to me when requested. We love our little guy so much.

Rochelle Rawlins

We were very happy with our puppy purchase from Contented Puppies, and have recommended them to All our friend. Although our pup had to be flown to us, it was with care and we were kept informed every step of his trip. Our pup is now 4 years old, and we couldn’t love him more. We were told he’d weigh between 4-5 lbs and he’s now 4 1/2 lbs. He is super sweet and friendly and loves to sit on our laps. Contented Pups was an excellent choice for our family!

Mary Bruce

We would like to give contented puppies a perfect review in return for a perfect puppies. Levi is a blessing. Just want everyone to know this is a great place to get your newest family member. The nanny service was wonderful as well! Thank you for a great experience and puppy!

Johnny Knowles

Our little guy, Reggie is a joy! Working with Judith was very comfortable and informative! We had no problems! We also used the pet nanny service by airplane and all went well. The entire experience was first rate!


Have bought two pups from Contented Puppies and they have all turned out to be full of personality in their own ways, lovable, fun-loving and adorable dogs that have now become our companion in many ways. Worth every $, priceless actually!

Rachel Cheong

Do not hesitate purchasing your next fur baby from here! I purchased my first girl in January. She is so smart and super lovable. We just purchased our second female this past week. Again perfect in every way. We had pet nannies delivered them and I cannot tell you how perfect both are. Very professional people to deal with and the best in babies to bu

Donna Negrich

Our little girl is perfect! She is full of energy and is always entertaining. I would highly recommend this breeder. Absolutely gorgeous puppies!!

Susan K Schleidt

Best puppy ever! Full of personality and love! People stop their cars in the middle of the street to ask about him and comment on how cute he is! We love him to pieces!

Leanne Glucklich

We live in Oregon and had never considered buying a puppy from out of state. From the moment we started the process it was great. Everything went smoothly and they were helpful with my many questions 😊 our Ella Girl is the best dog and I highly recommend Contented Puppies Paradise if you want to have a perfect Morkie 🐶🐾 thank you for her and for making it easy to bring her into our home… I have told many people where we adopted her. Blessings to you & your pups!

Tami L Calkins

We purchased our first pup from Contented Puppies Paradise and we could not have picked a better breeder! Judy and her sister really take good care and show lots of love to their pups. It shows in our little guy. He is so smart, playful and loving and we just got him yesterday. I was surprised to see him roll on his back for belly rubs on his own!! He has adjusted very well. Slept through the night! Their pups are beautiful & healthy. We used their Pet Nanny Service and they took really good care of our pup during his travel. From beginning to end it has been nothing but professional and first class service. I highly recommend CPP!! Don’t wait!

Happy Family

We are super happy whit flint ! He gives us so much joy his our baby , he is spoiled by us . We are very happy that we got him from you ! we definitely have recommended you guys to all our friends. Thank i you I’m again

Kelly J Martinez

After interviewing multiple breeders we chose our tiny Biewer terrier from Contented puppies. We drove hours based on only photos and multiple conversations and she was and is amazing. Best dog ever. We have had 4 Yorkies and 3 goldens but her personality is beyond discription. You can TRUST Contented Puppies Paradise. North Carolina resident.

Mark Kronenfeld

Contented Puppies Paradise was very cooperative in answering our questions every step along the way. Our puppy is a valued member of the family and we wouldn’t go anywhere else for our next addition.

Dylan Crouse

We adopted our Biewer Yorkie a little over 2 months ago and are so happy. She is happy, healthy and adorable. Working with her breeder, Judy, was fantastic…it was clearly obvious that she loves her puppies and they are well taken care of until they find their new homes. I highly recommend adopting from Contented Puppies.

Laurie Schirber

I purchased my little Chloe, she’s 9 months old. Very Smart, and I got her spoiled. I’m looking to purchase another one. Judy is so patient and answer all my questions. I will recommend Contented Puppies Paradise. Your definitely in good hands.

Felicia George

I bought my first Morkie from Judy and her family in 2009. I’ve gotten 3 more from her over the years, and 1 for a friend. All have been amazing dogs. I just bought another puppy from her the other day, and he’s awesome. Her family is one of the best, most conscientious, family oriented breeders I have ever met. They are top of the line, breeding quality puppies. I have never been disappointed! Judy is also very patient, and will answer any and all questions until you feel comfortable. The Puppy Nanny, that flew with my puppy to Florida, was also very caring and professional.

Micki Maternowski

We love our little guy from Contented Puppies! He is so sweet and cuddly and the perfect addition to our family!! The owner was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend! Thank you!

Kim Terry

We got our Morkie now 1 and 1/2 years old from Contented Puppies. She is super sweet, smart and beautiful! Judy has been available to answer any questions/concerns that we ever had! Their puppies are the best!

Michelle Faia

Our Jetta is so sweet and loving. ❤️

Tara Taylor

Our little Zoey is a doll and she is a wonderful addition to our family. We want to add another soon!!


Absolutely love Contented Puppies !! We got our adorable Milo last September he has brought us so much Joy ! He’s such a loving dog !! Judith is awesome ! Service is amazing!! Will definitely be purchasing another puppy from them in the future..

Lucia Thibert

Very professional and responsive with your questions or concerns. We purchased 2 puppies from Contented Puppies, one from PA and one from MO. They helped us find pet nannies to bring them to us at the airport and sent all their papers so they could be registered and visit your vet with all the proper shots given. They also come micro chipped. Our 2 little ones are so beautiful and loving little Biewer Terriers. You will just love your puppy you get from Contented Puppies. Eleanor

Eleanor Trotter review
Eleanor Trotter
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