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teacup puppies

The Truth About Teacup/Pocket Puppies

Buyers should beware that there is no such dog as “teacup” or “pocket” Yorkie. These are simply terms that certain breeders may use to increase interest in their dogs, and sometimes the price. Some Yorkie and Maltese puppies are smaller than others, but the preferred standard weight recommended by the AKC is between four and five pounds.

The following quote was made by Daryl Martin, a breeder of Maltese puppies in Highland Park, Illinois.

“There is no such thing as a teacup Maltese, the whole teacup phenomenon is a horrible thing because the breed is already small. And the tiny ones tend to have many health problems, from water in the brain to liver shunts, (abnormal veins that result in failure of the liver to metabolize toxins and brain inflammation.)”

Ingela Gram a breeder and AKC licensed judge of West Redding, Connecticut is quoted as saying, “You will pay a lot of veterinarian bills,” and she further adds that the so called “Teacup Maltese” often have the Chihuaha-esque, apple domed skull and open fontanel, a skull shape that isn’t conformationally correct for the Maltese. “They usually are not healthy and have many problems.” “When you get a dog down to two pounds, nothing develops like it should. The heart is small, the liver is small. Do you want to end up going to the vet all the time?” Ingela further adds that, “You wouldn’t see a so-called “Teacup Maltese” in the show ring, because this super-small-sized Maltese weighing below the preferred minimum of four pounds is often associated with incorrect conformation, such as a skull that is too apple-domed.”

A Maltese may occasionally be born small, but a tiny size is no advantage, agrees Vicki Fierheller, a Maltese breeder in Canada. Despite the health problems and other issues, some unethical breeders try to profit from the tiny dogs cuteness and rarity. Some unscrupulous breeders purposely breed for the teacup size because then can sell them for much more money, but many times the wee ones have serious health problems.

Here at Contented Puppies Paradise we may occasionally have a smaller Maltese or Yorkie. But we do not breed purposely for the teacup size and would highly recommend you consult with your veterinarian before purchasing any teacup puppy.