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Dog Food

Here, at Contented Puppies, we are committed to obtaining optimal health both in our puppies and our adult dogs. Over the years, we have been disappointed in some of the most highly recommended dog foods on the market today. 

We have done a tremendous amount of research and have been appalled at the poor quality in most dog foods currently on the market. There are ingredients in these dog foods that you would never knowingly feed your beloved pet. 

There have been many recalls on dog food that vets and AKC still highly recommend. We are simply not willing to risk the life or health of our beautiful dogs and puppies by feeding contaminated dog food. Life’s Abundance has never had a single recall, and they have been in business for a decade.

We are so excited to find a company that actually exceeds what we hoped to find. Life’s Abundance is formulated by a holistic veterinarian who works on the cutting edge of science and uses all natural, holistic, human grade ingredients to formulate a perfectly balanced food for our pets. 

Life’s Abundance dog food is never found on the shelves of pet stores, as they guarantee the food to be fresh, never more than 4-6 weeks from the time it is manufactured to the moment it is dropped at your door. Did you know that most dog food sits on the shelf, or in the warehouse, for up to two years before you purchase it for your dog? Please check out their website at www.LifesAbundance.com and do your own research. You may be shocked to find out the truth about some major dog food chains on the market today.

We also really like their shampoo and training treats. Small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese need a very mild shampoo that will not dry out their coat. Life’s Abundance shampoo has a very pleasing scent, and it stays on for days. 

The treats are wholesome and very nutritious as well. While providing the very best treats and training treats on the market, as well as other pet care products, tasty rewards are incredible for training as they are made from free range chicken, venison, and pumpkinseed for the brain! No contaminations!

Lastly, you may be wondering, “Can I afford this for my beloved dog?” My question is, “Can I afford not to feed the very best to my dog?” With the cost of a visit to the vet at an all time high, you can be sure that you will save when you invest in great food for your dog. 

Our puppies have been eating Life’s Abundance for years and we have been amazed at the performance of our moms and dads and the health of our puppies. Yorkie puppies are very tiny when they are born and need lots of tender care, but we are amazed at the stamina and vigor of our babies from the moment they are born, which we never had before. If you are a breeder, or are considering the idea, good nutrition is a must! If you try this food, we guarantee you will never go back to the commercial dog food again.

We estimate it costs $10 a month to feed a small dog, which includes the shipping. When you order, be sure to go on their autoship program to get an even better deal. Also, order everything you will need for two months, and this will save on your shipping. An 8 lb bag is plenty to feed a small Yorkie or Maltese for two months. You can change your shipping times to a time that is convenient for you by calling their office. 

Many people call me and want to know why there is only one dog food and why there is no puppy food. Life’s Abundance makes one wholesome, nutrition packed food for dogs of all ages, so if you have an older dog at home, they can all eat the same food.

To order food, go to www.LifesAbundance.com. It is easy and secure, and you should have your order in 2-3 business days!