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Looking For A Local Breeder?

Local Breeder

Many people come across our website when looking for local breeders, and it’s easy to understand why. A puppy is a major purchase, and a Yorkie or Morkie pup can be tricky to take care of in the beginning. 

You want to know that you haven’t given your money to someone who is going to simply vanish when you need them most. There are also concerns about how you would actually get your new puppy from a breeder who is potentially hundreds or thousands of miles away.

We understand these concerns. One look at our Facebook page will give you a peek into the Contented Puppies family. We’re never more than a click or phone call away, and we care that our puppies are well taken care of after they leave our home and go to yours. Our goal isn’t to just sell you a puppy, it’s to bring you the best experience possible, and we are here to work with you every step of the way. 

We are proud of our record with customers, and the rate at which they return to us for their second, third, or even FOURTH puppies is a testament to that. If you look more closely at our Facebook page, you will see many contented owners who are planning another purchase, or who just hang around to give advice and ask questions. When you buy a Contented Puppy, you are getting much more than a furry companion… You are joining a group of Yorkie and Morkie parents all across the country.

So, while we may not be right down the road from you, we are absolutely always available, willing, and able to make sure both you and your puppy have many fun-filled days together!

For our customers in remote locations:

If you live far from our home, you may be wondering how you would obtain your little bundle of fur after making a purchase. We have handled deliveries for families living in all four corners of the USA, and go to great pains to ensure the comfort of your new puppy, and the ease with which you can pick them up. While the best way to get your puppy is to take a trip to our home and pick them up in your own arms, here is how the process works when we have a customer who can’t make the trip to us.

1. You pick the perfect puppy for your family by looking through as many photos and videos as you can handle, and of course by speaking with us on the phone!

2. Once you have made your selection, and we are sure it’s a good match, you go ahead and put a deposit on the puppy.

3. We send you a contract that guarantees the puppy’s health and that the shots are up to date. (Every puppy is sold with a 1-year health guarantee.)

4. You sign the contract, agreeing to the terms and conditions, and send it back to us.

5. We contact the United Airlines Pet Safe Program to make flight arrangements.

6. Their very capable staff ensures your puppy arrives safe and sound at the airport nearest you!

So what are you waiting for? Pick out your puppy today!