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Perks of Buying Your Puppy from a Family Breeder

Perks of Buying Your Puppy from a Family Breeder

There are a lot of misconceptions about buying a puppy from a breeder. Call us biased, but many of them are totally untrue. In all reality, working with a family breeder is the best decision you can make for your future four-legged friend. Here’s why:

Our puppies are treated humanely

Puppies are living, breathing creatures. Those negative rumors you may have heard about breeders? Yup, they’re probably about breeders who cared more about churning out and selling as many puppies as possible— not about treating dogs and puppies humanely. With a family breeder, you don’t have to worry about that. We despise puppy mills and handle every aspect of breeding puppies with compassion.

Your puppy will receive a lot of love

We go beyond treating your puppy humanely; we treat them with love and adoration. We already know that you’re going to dote on your puppy once you receive him or her, but what about beforehand? You’ll want to be confident that your puppy was cuddled, loved, and well-taken care of from day one. When working with a family breeder like us, you can rest assured that we treat each puppy like our own. Because essentially, that’s what they are. Getting to snuggle and play with Yorkie and Morkie puppies all day is just an added bonus!

You receive key knowledge about your puppy

Because of the attention your puppy has received from birth, you’ll get insight into what you’re in for regarding your puppy’s background. Beyond the character traits they’ve exhibited thus far in their young lives, you’ll also know facts about their parents (and those corresponding traits as well). Being aware and prepared for your family’s new addition is key. After all, this is a member of your family who will be around for years! Family breeders are able to provide you with the knowledge about your new companion that you wouldn’t receive elsewhere. This level of service and insight is invaluable.

It’s a partnership, not a business transaction

Like we’ve previously mentioned, you’re bringing a new soul into your home, and naturally you’ll have a lot of questions. Working with a family breeder means that you’ll have the opportunity to talk with us, learn about your new puppy’s habits and demeanors, and have a point of contact for any concerns. You really and truly will receive unparalleled customer service.

You’re supporting small business

Family breeders put puppies before profits, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to keep the lights on. When buying your puppy from a family breeder, you’re helping make small, ethical businesses more sustainable — and allowing us to stay in business (so future families can get their dream puppy, too).

There are a ton of benefits to buying your puppy from a family breeder. The tidbits we’ve shared here are just a few of that many perks of using a family breeder like us. Knowing that your puppy will be treated with love — and that you’ll be receiving the customer service you deserve — should instill you with much-needed confidence. You’re sure to be satisfied — and gain a treasured new family member in the process.

Yorkies are one of the most reliable breeds in the world and there is so much to learn about these amazing dogs. They’ll steal your heart, if you let them! If you would like to talk about making one of our puppies an addition to your family, please give us a call at 352-220-0351. We would love to talk with you, and have you come in to meet our puppies, and our family!

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